surekli_yapilanlarAs ÇESAL, our first priority is to eradicate hungry, thirsty, wounded, animals that are in need of help and are homeless     and non-neutered/spayed

Some of the responsibilities we have overtaken:

  • Partnering with the Municipal veterinarian in neutering/spaying: gathering the dogs and determining the dogs that need neutering/spaying along with educating the public.
  • Regular feeding: especially during the winter months as after the summer dwellers leave there is an enormous amount of stray pets left out on the streets.  Our organization has taken the initiative to separate Çeşme into different districts in order to provide regular food distribution.  We are in desperate need of your help in this matter.  We can only provide food with your donations and with you volunteering. This is the only way can prevent hungry cats and dogs in Çeşme
  • Treating sick and wounded pets: We take care of cats and dogs who are either taken out of the shelter or those who have been hit by a car or those which have been hurt from other dogs (especially those that have recently been abandoned) or strays that are sick. We take care of the strays with veterinarians that have special agreements with our organization.
  • Finding homes:  We are in constant work in finding homes to these homeless pets. We find homes for them in Çeşme  Izmir and if needed abroad.  Those that are left without homes, we continue to follow through.  For our pets that are waiting for their international documents our volunteers help us in providing foster care.
  • In addition we provide routine vaccination, external/internal parasite cleansing, rabies vaccination to the stray dogs.