• ÇESAL is a non-profit organization on the peninsula of Çeşme established in order to be the voice of stray animals and protect the environment of the region.
  • Stray Animals: Our first priority is to eradicate hungry, thirsty, wounded, non-neutered/spayed animals that are in need of help and are homeless. The first step for this begins with educating the public in responsible breeding practices and informing them in not deserting their pets.  Shelter: Another priority is to revolutionize the present Çeşme municipality shelter, which is currently holding over 700 dogs in non-ideal standards into a civilized, modern, full capacity neutering/spaying and rehabilitation center for the public.
  • ÇESAL believes in the harmony of human/animal/nature as the backbone of a civilized society and takes this into consideration in all its projects.
  • Our short-term objective is to unite the environmentally friendly and animal loving Çeşme people in order to transform them into conservational and animal rights advocates.
  • Our long-term objective is to inject the love of animals and eco-friendliness first and foremost to the children of the society and everyone else so that they too contribute in an active role in protecting, not abandoning, vaccinating and neutering of animals.
  • ÇESAL members are idealistic individuals who have liberated themselves from their egos and are capable of saying WE and not I.
  • The basis of our organization is whilst protecting human rights is the protection of animal and nature rights. This can only be attained by the power of union.
  • Constant arguing and bickering, non-constructive criticism, preventing work in progress is not our path. Instead our approach is to produce sustainable resolutions in order to resolve the chronic issues in the Çeşme region.

ÇESAL will open its doors to anyone or any organization that would like to support either financially, by volunteering, by becoming a member, and those who are cooperate and are not opposed to our values.